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The Spooky Adventures of Gondola

"Gondola is the silent walker. Having no hands, he embodies the Taoist principle of wu-wei (non-action) while his smiling facial expression shows his utter and complete acceptance of the world as it is."

Being the earliest instance of a post-ironic meme, Gondola reveals the path that lies between oblivion and nihilism. As Laozi says of the Tao in the Tao Te Ching, Gondola “acts without doing anything; and teaches without saying anything; things arise and it lets them come; things disappear and it lets them go; has but doesn't possess; acts but doesn't expect; when its work is done, it forgets it. That is why it lasts forever.” Gondola is the silent observer.

Gondola Space: A Space for Gondolas is an art community centered around creating and appreciating Gondola as a form of meditation and self-expression. United by the beliefs that the defining trait of Gondola is sincerity and that Gondola art is an authentic and compassionate exploration of the human condition, Gondola Space is a sanctuary free from contamination by cynicism.

The Spooky Adventures of Gondola, styled in the fashion of 1990’s Game Boy games, transports the audience from worlds not unlike our own to postworlds and xenoworlds. Explore otherworldly terrain with the silent observer in this interactive exhibit. Press 'START' to begin your journey!

Contributing Artists: Daniel Shim, Altay Han, Fred Phillips, Massimilano Dini, Brian Burias, and Seong-Young Her.

Music: "Eerie Mausoleum" by Visager.