We’ll update this page with questions and answers as they arise.
Last updated 2019-10-11.

Is there a submission fee?


Submission is completely free.

Will you accept audio submissions? Video? Lithographic prints? Circuit-bent memes? Canned air? Half of a joke?


  • Digital submissions: any media that works well on a webpage will work well for MEGALITH.
  • Physical submissions: we’re open to receiving almost anything, but please keep in mind that the irl exhibit is centered around a network device, not wall space.

Are there file size limits?

Broadly: Online, no. Offline, yes.

We’ll try to make it work, but use realistic judgment.
Contact us if you have a special case.

If your files are quite large or slow to play back on limited hardware, technical limitations may prevent their inclusion in the router/piratebox show.

Does the artwork have to be about other worlds?


They are destined for other worlds and our shrine will get them there. If you have art you think came from, belongs to, or should be in another world, you can submit it.

Does the work have to be new, made specifically for the show, or exclusive?


It does not need to be new or exclusive to the show. It can be shown elsewhere, except other shows that are part of The Wrong Biennale.

Where do I snail mail my shrine-building artefacts?

Metamer Labs
68 Harrison Ave, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Important note: Please make a submission by email and receive our express approval for any physical mail prior to sending it. We cannot be held responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Will all submissions eventually be archived in DNA by Metamer?

The call’s text reads:

If you want, you can specify whether you want your work

  • preserved for ETERNITY,
  • allowed to reach EXTINCTION upon the end of the exhibition,
  • OFFERED UP TO THE GODS who will decide its fate.

In other words: it’s up to you. Preservation (ETERNITY), non-preservation (EXTINCTION), and a game of chance (OFFERED UP TO THE GODS) are all options. Just let us know.